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Our Story

We are storytellers; passionate about the land, the bean, the vine, the food, and the experience. Our story began in the ground, at our organic coffee grove in the mountains of San Marcos, CA. We planted 2,000 coffee trees, in a land not known to be able to sustain them. They grew. We also grew from there, and have now bloomed into the space we call Breakers; a small batch roastery, drinkery, and restaurant. Come see the seamless experience of quality wine, beer, coffee and food. Come let us tell you a story or two.

We’re growing coffee in San Diego,
at Bluetail Coffee Grove

Established in 2019, Bluetail is an organic coffee grove that sits in the mountains of North County San Diego. One of the very first coffee groves on the continental US, we have around 2,000 planted coffee trees on 4 acres of gently sloping land. Our coffee consists of 6 types of arabica varieties; Catuai Rojo, Caturra Amarillo, Geisha, Pacas, Laurina, and Pacamara. Our first fruit is expected in summer 2021.