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So Much Joy-a


Guatemala, Huehuetenango Mix some natural spring water, limestone soil, grevillea trees, and Rudy Lopez Castillo together; what do you get? Finca Las Joyas. He saw potential in the land and didn’t dilly-dally, going from 2 hectares to 6 in just 3 years. Much like his coffee grove, Rudy started small and grew. Taste: Almond [2] / Graham Cracker [4] /...

Desert Bloom


Ethiopia, Guji, Gomora We bring you all the back on this one, to the birthplace of coffee; Ethiopia. Traditionally known for processing coffee using the natural (dry) method, the Desalegn Berk Germamise washing station in the Guji Zone are doing things differently. This elegant cup of coffee is a result of their efforts. Much like the phenomenon of a desert...

Cyrus the Great


Blend This is only historical in the sense that it commemorates a great man, but not the one you may assume. I’m sure there have been a lot of great people named Cyrus, I mean at least two come to my mind. The one we are referencing was born in a small town in Vermont in the 1900’s, probably not...



Indonesia, Java, Parahyangan, Ciwidey Ateng is a variety widely grown in Sumatra and Indonesia.  Its lore is rooted in the story of its ancestor, Aceh Tengah.  A seed from a single tree found on a farm in Kecamatan Silih Narah, Aceh produced so well that it spread amongst farmers until it covered the land.     Much like the drop of a...