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Indonesia, Java, Parahyangan, Ciwidey Ateng is a variety widely grown in Sumatra and Indonesia.  Its lore is rooted in the story of its ancestor, Aceh Tengah.  A seed from a single tree found on a farm in Kecamatan Silih Narah, Aceh produced so well that it spread amongst farmers until it covered the land.     Much like the drop of a...

Cyrus the Great


Blend This is only historical in the sense that it commemorates a great man, but not the one you may assume. I’m sure there have been a lot of great people named Cyrus, I mean at least two come to my mind. The one we are referencing was born in a small town in Vermont in the 1900’s, probably not...

Desert Bloom


Ethiopia, Guji, Gomora We bring you all the back on this one, to the birthplace of coffee; Ethiopia. Traditionally known for processing coffee using the natural (dry) method, the Desalegn Berk Germamise washing station in the Guji Zone are doing things differently. This elegant cup of coffee is a result of their efforts. Much like the phenomenon of a desert...

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So Much Joy-a


Guatemala, Huehuetenango Mix some natural spring water, limestone soil, grevillea trees, and Rudy Lopez Castillo together; what do you get? Finca Las Joyas. He saw potential in the land and didn’t dilly-dally, going from 2 hectares to 6 in just 3 years. Much like his coffee grove, Rudy started small and grew. Taste: Almond [2] / Graham Cracker [4] /...